Oh Bueno!!

oH!!! Bueno Choco Corn Public Juice - 50ml-1000x1000

So I went into my favourite vape shop the other day. As most people will know…you go in for one thing and then you get shiny-itis. So I got my VooPoo DRAG and some juice (240ml of juice!!) and Ernesto told me that I’ve spent enough to get a freebie!!

Yes it was the Oh Bueno juice. Now if you’re a normal human being then you should love Nutella…you do love Nutella right??

Well I’m going to assume that as you’re still reading you do!

So when I look at the box I see corn 🌽 and chocolate….Don’t be put off!!

You’ll not regret it if you get this as a freebie from VapExpress if you or someone that you know likes dessert flavours. A smooth chocolate flavour that’s paired with an almost popcorn flavour. It’s like chocolate coated popcorn (plain popcorn not salty!).

I’ve just filled my Cleito 120 with this and taken a couple of drags…but I’ll be adding a more complete review in the near future!!

I have to say that Ernesto saved my bacon with this free juice as I’ve already finished the other two juices that I bought and this saved me from having no juice!!!

Ernesto you’re a superstar!!!


Nitro’s Cold Brew


Coffee vapes? I’m sure that these will divide lots of us into ‘Yeah!!’ & ‘Nahh!!’ sides. I’ve tried some of the coffee flavours and I have found one that I like. Nitro’s Cold Brew Mocha with White Chocolate. What does it taste like? Huge coffee ☕️ hit then the sweetness of the white chocolate mocha comes in with a huge flavour that even the venti mocha from the huge coffee chains can’t compete with.

There is a cooling element in this that makes it honestly like taking a mouthful of the most exquisitely sweet and tasty white chocolate mocha.

I have found that the flavour seems to really come alive in my Cleito 120 it’s got all those subtle flavours that you get in coffee the cooling effect seems to be a little understated in the tank opposed to the dripper.

I got mine from my lovely b&m Vape Express in Sidcup High Street.


MG Pushers Strawberry 🍓 Milkshake

Strawberry 🍓 Milkshake

So people who know me know that I’m a bit of a fan of Strawberry 🍓 juices.

Well this juice has rocketed to the top of my Strawberry list!!

Imagine a Strawberry flavour ice cream 🍦 that’s this juice in a nutshell!!

So a 100ml shortfill from my local b&m Vape Express on Sidcup high street. Ernesto recommended that I try this one when I told him about my dessert / Strawberry love.

Its a 70/30 mix and it’s going down an absolute treat in my Drop RDA.

Another juice that I’d be more than happy to vape again and again!!

I thought I was lucky before but…

I’m now really really spoiled!! I have 3 vape shops on my local high street in Sidcup! The latest one is a Vape Express. Honestly I doubt you’d be better treated at one of the 7 star hotels!! Ernesto the main guy there is an absolute gem! His knowledge is seemingly inexhaustible and his welcome to people visiting the shop will make you wonder if you and he are distant cousins, he’s that friendly!!

The juices, RDA’s, Mods, tanks and accessories are laid out on two sides and there are plenty of flavours to satisfy just about anyone!!

A great selection of RDA’s and Tanks despite not having the largest store sit alongside some truly tasty juices.

If you’re in the area I cannot recommend enough that you visit Ernesto and pick up a great bargain while you’re there!!!

Pictures to come soon!!

Vape Express can be found at 29a High Street, Sidcup, DA14 6DW



Everyone loves Peanut Butter right?

So I visit my local vape shop after a juice order went astray. I see the vast array of juices that they have. The guy remembers me…’You like the dessert flavours right?’ Yeah I like em!!

‘We’ve got this one…some people love it…some hate it!’ Ok let’s give it a whirl and see what it’s like.

This was my introduction to a juice that will forever be one I pick up when I see it!!

Seeet Spot Dessert Series ‘Milky Peanut Pudding’
50ml of E-Liquid in 60ml Unicorn Bottle
70 VG / 30 PG Ratio
Contains Vegetable Glycerine
Contains Propylene Glycol
Available in 0mg Nicotine Strength with space for you to add a nic shot.


It tastes like the little boxes of Peanut Punch you can get in lots of supermarkets.


It’s like liquidised Peanut Butter!! If you’ve ever wanted to sit with a spoon and a jar of peanut butter while watching a box set…(and who hasn’t??)…then this is about as close as you can get in vape form.

I got mine from the amazing guys at my local bricks and mortar.

Vape RM

2 Sidcup Hill
DA14 6HH
020 8300 7070

Check out their website to see if they have any left. It’s great in tanks and drippers.

Vape RM website!!

I’d snap up a bottle if I were you!! If you need anything else well the folks there will be happy to help you as well!!!


Canadian Comfort Foods

Canada the nice neighbor of The USA has some great juices. The big well known ones like 12 monkeys and then there are the smaller companies that deliver an upset to the big guys!

J2LABZ is one of the smaller names but that’s the only thing small about them!

They have several ranges that all stack up against any in the world never mind just Canada! If you develop a taste for cakes, custards or fruity treats then simply ‘Blame Canada!’

Their cake range ‘Napoleon’ has 3 exquisite flavours. Parisian Peaches, Commanders Cobbler and Raspberry Revolution.

Their Custards are under the King of Custards name and they live up to that Royal title. Louis XVI, Constantinople, Alexander The Great, Henry VIII and Solomon all names known for their greatness as I’m sure these Custards will be!

The Vape Food lineup is rich pickings if you like fruits with a twist or simply the desserts you wish you could eat without the calories!

Wafer Cookies, Blood Orange Creamsicle, Candy Apple, Butterscotch Bliss, Berry Blast and Blueberry Pancakes.

They have another four flavours Pink Lime, Wake & Vape, Black Venom and Johnny Juice.

I’m sure that there is something for everyone in this delicious lineup and they really are going to be a well known company  if you judge on flavour not flash!

WWW.J2LABZ.COM or find them on Facebook @ J2LABZ

Give them a look and enjoy your vape with quality and great flavours!